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Frequently Asked Questions to Canoe Manufacturers

What is Resin Infusion?

Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fiber laminate in a one sided mold. A rigid or flexible film membrane is placed over the top and sealed around the mold periphery. Resin infusion is considered a “Closed Mold Process”.

What are the different canoe hull designs?

Hull (Cross Section) – The hull of a canoe can affect canoe performance in a number of ways such as stability, maneuverability and speed. Canoes feature one of the three hull cross sections: Flat, Shallow Arch, or Shallow Vee.

Shallow Vee – Shallow Vee Hull Design is the most versatile cross section, with the highest final stability. It has superior rough water performance and better tracking. It is extremely rigid which helps its increased hull efficiency.

Cons: It has lower initial stability, and is slower than shallow arch in calm conditions.

Flat Bottom – Flat Bottom Hull designs are very maneuverable and have high initial stability.

The cons of flat bottom hull designs are reduced final stability, low structural integrity, reduced stability when load increases.

Shallow Arch – Shallow Arch Hull designs have great paddling efficiency and speed in calm conditions. The design will have higher final stability than flat bottoms. They are very maneuverable when combined with moderate to extreme rocker. The performance does degrade in rough waters and have lower final stability than shallow vee.

What is your refund policy?

All Sales are final. We do provide full life time warranty against manufactures defects.

Why should you buy from Silvercreek Canoes?

All boats are made to order, so you will get a brand new boat made specifically to your needs. Owner Operator has over 20 years of experience building boats and has built over 2000 boats in his life span.
Silvercreek Canoes provide full life time warranty against manufactures defects. Still have more questions, contact us!